Keeping Up with Your Hardwood Floors: Hardwood Floor Repairs in St. Louis

Hardwood Floor Repairs in St. Louis

Hardwood flooring can be difficult to keep up with. In areas where there's a lot of foot traffic, it can be more than challenging to keep it from getting marked up. But when damages occur on hardwood floors, it's time that you had St. Louis hardwood floor repairs done.

Some things may seem next to impossible to remove. Since they are expansive to have installed, they should be taken care of. Annual maintenance for hardwoods can be polishing and sealing.

The most common hardwood floor damages are:

  • Burns
  • Water damage
  • Scratches
  • Stains
  • Chips

Hardwood floors are incredible options for almost all areas of the home. They are also a great alternative to carpeting. This is why it is very important to have St. Louis hardwood floor repairs when any of the above happens.

Stains happen to every type of flooring. From carpeting to hardwoods, pets are no strangers to leaving behind permanent stains. Some stains become embedded so much that they warp the wood and become repetitive places for pet urine.

Scratches occur whenever furniture is moved across the hardwoods. Those that are not careful can make quite a mark on them making them look less than pleasing. There's no value in scratched hardwood flooring.

Kitchen and bathroom hardwood flooring may look beautiful, but they are prone to water damages. Water and moisture has been known to warp these floors leaving them to needing replaced instead of repaired.

Heaters left on a hardwood floor can leave behind burn marks. Some burn marks become so driven into the wood that they need professional repairs. Repairs are necessary in order to have flooring that's free of such things.

Keeping up with hardwood flooring can make it more valuable. Older floors that are refinished can look the same as brand new ones. Making them shiny can entice family and friends to have them installed in their homes.

Make sure that whoever takes care of your hardwood floors is experienced and possesses a license to practice in Missouri. Just because they have a business card doesn't always mean they are professionally licensed or trained for that matter.

Also, when picking out repair contractors, always make sure they can accommodate your flooring needs. Not all hardwoods are alike so there are different ways of approaching the repairs.

For quality St. Louis hardwood floor repairs, call the flooring experts at Luminous Flooring where you'll be able to have all your repair and maintenance needs met. They are professionals with 10 years of experience.

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