Repairing Old Wood Floors Correctly to Keep Them Intact

Nothing quite beats the look of wood floors, especially when those wood floors are older. There is something richer about the look and intriguing about the history. Unfortunately, maintaining older wood flooring like this is also not always easy to do.

This is one reason it is important, first and foremost, to only work with a reputable and established wood flooring industry expert. Do not make the mistake of entrusting classic, antique wood floors to just anyone who claims to be a flooring expert. Wood flooring services, especially repairs for older floors, must be handled with the utmost precision and care.

Understanding Common Repair Needs

There are a multitude of repair needs that may crop up, in relation to wood flooring, especially older flooring. It is pertinent that you try to maintain care along the way; regular cleaning and maintenance in order to keep the floor looking its best. However, it also helps to be able to recognize some of the common repairs that may come up:

Scratches are a common issue with wood flooring. Even the best protected floors are subjected to things like chairs being moved across the surface. Even something as seemingly minute like a rock stuck to the bottom of a shoe, can end up causing scratches. There are touch ups you can do but eventually, over time, you will need a professional to actually repair common ones, like those caused by your pet's nails.

Your flooring takes on a great deal of foot traffic, of course some spots get more than others. After awhile you can actually see the most commonly used pathways because the wood will show wear spots. In high traffic areas, the finish will end up wearing down quicker. This creates an unsightly patch and makes your wood more vulnerable to damage because the protective finish is gone.

When it comes to slightly more complicated wood floor repairs, gouges are the perfect example. The problem is that a gouge is not just surface damage, so the blemish must first be filled, before moving on to refinishing.

Finding a Reputable Expert

For well over a decade now, local St. Louis residents have been entrusting our hardwood flooring specialists. We are accredited by NWFA, the National Wood Flooring Association, and can masterfully handle every aspect of your wood flooring service needs.

The bottom line is that we take this line of work seriously and it shows in the results that we are able to get. Give us a call and let us help to preserve your wood floors.

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