Hardwood Floor Repairs

Hardwood Floor Repairs

If your hardwood flooring is damaged, call Luminous Flooring. We can do St. Louis hardwood floor repairs quickly and on a budget because we care about your flooring. Our skilled and professional techs can take on your flooring that's dented, chipped, and dinged. Don't rely on just anyone to take care of your flooring. Come to the experts for real repairs. We have the experience and knowledge to handle all types of job s big and small. We will have your hardwoods looking as good as new in no time at all.

Common Hardwood Floor Problems

There are man reasons as to why a hardwood floor may become damaged. There's lots of reasons to love your hardwood floors. Our repairs will harmonize with the original look of your flooring. Call today and prevent long term damages caused by wear and tear and age.

  • Aged Floors

    A hardwood floor that's aged tends to look worn down as it's full of dings and scratches that look like they won't come out. You can rely on our repairs to restore your hardwood floors no mater what type they are. We'll make them look like the day they were originally installed.

  • Cupping

    Cupping is a problem that's caused by a combination of mositure and the thickness of the wood. The depth of the issue may come from water underneath the floors. We can help to locate your problems and tackle them with St. Louis hardwood floor repairs.

  • Buckling

    Moisture problems lead to the buckling of hardwoods. This normally occurs whenever the floors have suffered through a period of consistent flooding. You'll know it's buckled whenever the top hardwood does not touch the sub-floor below.

  • Gaps

    Spaces between boards are very normal. But if those spaces continue to grow, due to immense water damage, it will get to the point where there's no hope for your hardwood floors as they will need to be replaced. We can avoid that through our repair service.

  • Warping

    One of the things that is hard to avoid for hardwood flooring is warping. If yours have been exposed to water and moisture; you are going to have flooring that's not balanced or laying perfectly any longer. Call us to restore that natural order of your floors.

  • Fading

    Your hardwood floors will go through a series of problems some of them fading. Being exposed to direct sunlight can cause fading. There will be the need for repairs as it will not have that natural polished shine any longer.

Whenever you need St. Louis hardwood floor repairs; you can count on the services of Luminous Flooring where we will attend to them quickly and make them effective once again.

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