Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Hardwood Floor sanding & refinishing

A hardwood floor is very durable. They are all designed to last a very long time. Of course there are damages from wear and tear. At Luminous Flooring, we will attend to them with St. Louis hardwood floor sanding & refinishing. When you start to notice signs of wear, call in the experts who will make your hardwoods look new once again. You'll find meaning in your flooring that can be appreciated for life. You will be able to save money through our refinishing services. Call today for professional help.

DuraSeal Wood Floor Finishes

We use Duraseal Premium stain for our refinishing projects. Get a jump start picking your wood finish with this color chart.

Restoring a Long Lasting Shine

When there is no more shine to your floors, call Luminous Flooring. We can restore that polished looking shine that has been lacking on your hardwoods. Deep scratches and cuts can be taken care of through our professionals.

Expert Refinishing Contractors

Having hardwoods refinished is a time consuming process. Trying to take it on by yourself can be a challenging adventure. We will do the service for you. There's no reason to risk damaging your floors any more than they are currently.

Reasons to Consider Hardwood Floor Refinishing

  • The demand for stable floors
  • Less expensive than replacing
  • Intimate flooring


It's important to have your hardwood flooring maintained. Hardwoods go through a lot of scratching and denting through a lifetime. Maintenance can prevent you from having to replace them early. Contact us for ourSt. Louis hardwood flooring sanding & refinishing and save.

Cost Effective Refinishing

Are you currently faced with the decision to replace or refinish your hardwoods? If you are, call Luminous Flooring. You'll learn that refinishing is a lot less expensive than replacing. Also- refinishing can make your floors look new again.

Carpet Covering

Some people and businesses still have carpeting hiding over their beautiful hardwoods. Your hardwood flooring is probably worn down and dulled from the years of foot traffic. A sander will re-open the floors into an existing finish.

Water Damage

If you have water damages soaking ins your wood flooring, it will leave behind unwanted stains that are not appealing. Stain comes in many different varieties. Your wood flooring will be back to normal through our standing and staining services.

Hardwoods in Bad Shape

If you've got wood floor problems, come to us before you go out and buy new ones. We are the refinishing experts. Hardwoods in bad shape that continue to stay ion that conditions will degrade even further. Let our pros determine whether you need to have yours refinished.

There are many issues that can attack your hardwood floors. If they are in bad shape, call Luminous Flooring for St. Louis hardwood flooring sanding & refinishing.

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