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Luminous Flooring LLC is a hardwood flooring company that covers St. Louis and the surrounding areas. From sales, installation to salvage, we cover it all. For over 12 years, we have been providing our customers with professional installations, refinishing and repairs. We have recently expanded our services by opening a showroom with hundreds of hardwood flooring options. Our customer service is second to none.

When it comes to hardwood flooring no one beats our services. From our appearance to our professionalism we stand out in this industry and it carries over to our work. Our professional servicemen are thoroughly background checked and NWFA trained. We're a family run business who cares about our employees and our customers and it shows. You'll get craftsmanship from us that is seldom seen in today's hardwood floor markets!

Now Open! Check Out Our New Showroom!

Luminous Flooring, LLC is proud to announce the opening of our showroom. Call 314-565-5435 to schedule an appointment.

We will price match most material orders as long as we are comparing the exact same products.

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"I, Matt L., owner of Luminous Flooring, will answer your call on my personal cell phone. Call me at 314-565-5435 to discuss your flooring needs."

Showroom Special!

For a limited time, when you place your hardwood flooring order with Luminous Flooring, we will provide free of charge up to 15 linear feet of trims. Trims consist of stairnose, tee molding, reducer, quarter round or base shoe. This is up to $150 in savings.View More...

St.Louis Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing

Enhancing the Appeal of Your Flooring through Hardwood Flooring Sanding & Refinishing

A hardwood floor is built to last. There's nothing that you can walk on more durable besides concrete that is so unforgiving to foot traffic. Through the age of time though your hardwood floors go through a lot. Wear and tear may call for hardwood flooring sanding and refinishing.

Get in touch with our hardwood flooring specialists in St. Louis for more details on how you can save on our refinishing services. There is no reason to go out and buy new flooring whenever we can restore the look of yours.

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St.Louis Hardwood Floor installation

Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation

We can improve the appearance of your floors drastically and save you time while enhancing the value of your home all at the same time whenever you call for our hardwood flooring installation. There's nothing like hardwood floors to beautify the home or office.

For professional installations and more, take advantage of our hardwood flooring services and save. Putting in new hardwoods can take the look of old carpeting away and increase the appeal of your home overnight. We would like to hear your flooring idea or creation.

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St.Louis Hardwood Floor Repairs

Quality Hardwood Floor Repairs

For a variety of reasons your hardwoods can become damaged. They can become damaged which results in chips, dents, and dings. Nobody wants to look at their flooring when its that way. Luminous Flooring can repair the damages.

We can repair even the most challenging of damages because we want you to see the true value in your flooring. Call today and have an estimate done by our specialists. We are there to make your flooring look like it did when it was once new.

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St.Louis Hardwood Floor Experts

Hardwood Experts

There are many reasons to have hardwoods in the home and or office. We can offer you sound advice on getting the most for your money. We've been around for over a decade and continue to present that Wow! factor to all our customers.

With hardwoods; you don't have to constantly worry about the upkeep of them as maintenance for them is easy. They will last you a lifetime and are great alternatives to carpeting. You'll learn this and more whenever you take advantage of Luminous Flooring.

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St.Louis Hardwood Floor Variety

Hardwood Flooring Varieties

When it comes to hardwood flooring; there are lots of different varieties. We can teach you what works well in what room of the home and how to care and maintain them. We can even get you hardwood floors that fit your budget.

Call for professional services today and have the chance to appreciate the hardwoods for all they provide. You'll see that with the right care and handling; your flooring will become the most durable you have ever had.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Hardwood Floor Needs

Luminous Flooring works hard to meet our customer's needs. We offer a prompt delivery of our services as it's our goal to cater to our customers in regards to their hardwood floors. Get yours today and save on repairs as there won't be any need to replace them.

We are accredited by the NWFA (national wood flooring association) certified in installations, sanding, and refinishing. Our St. Louis hardwood flooring specialists are sure to please. Call today and schedule for yours and have your flooring done professionally.

If you are looking for a St. Louis hardwood flooring specialist then please call 636-942-2100 or complete our online request form.